Fundraising Products

Money is always tight in the world of animal welfare and rescue.   You can help raise money for the charities that you support by purchasing our products, whilst helping to spread the message it’s Cool to be Kind.

The aim is to raise money for organisations without the need for organisations to invest precious money in merchandise. Profits raised from the sales of our silicone wristbands and cotton tote bags are converted into wristbands that we donate to animal welfare organisations around the world.

Silicone wristbands

Wristbands are available in adult and small adult/child sizes and in a variety of colours.

The bands are debossed with the slogan COOL TO BE KIND and four animal footprints.  The fooprints are of a horse/donkey, a deer to represent wildlife, a dog, and a cat.  The C2BKind team will be working on different designs over the coming months.

Members of the public can purchase the wristbands at retail price.  Profits raised from Cool to be Kind branded products are used to donate free wristbands to animal welfare organisations.  These organisations are not limited to those in the UK.

Bulk orders of twenty wristbands or more are available at a discounted price for volunteer fundraisers. The discounted price enables purchasers to sell the wristbands at the retail price, and pass on the profits to a charity of their choice.

To purchase wristbands at the retail and discount price please click here. Tilley Farm Shop

Registered charities and non-profit organisation can buy the wristbands at cost price and/or send in a request for free wristbands.  They can sell the wristbands at the retail price and keep all the profits for their own organisation.

The wristbands do not carry any website information or contact details for Cool to be Kind.  This means any organisation can buy and sell (or give away) the wristbands, without promoting anything other than the message that it is Cool to be Kind to animals.

Charities and non profit organisations can order or apply for free wristbands here Download Form

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