Animal Welfare Organisations

Retail sales of our Cool to be Kind wristbands have enabled us to donate free wristbands to many animal welfare organisations, some of which are listed below.  In many instances, we have been able to donate multiple times. 

If you would like to purchase a Cool to be Kind wristband and have a passion for a specific type of rescue work, please consider buying a wristband directly from the organisation that supports your favourite animal or cause.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue - England
Secret World is a charity that specialises in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of Britain’s orphaned, injured and sick wildlife and is the only 24/7 service in the South West.

Cheltenham Animal Shelter - England
Rescues and re-homes unwanted and abandoned stray cats, dogs and small animals from across Gloucestershire.
Each year they help around 1000 animals who need support, care and treatment at a cost of approximately £500,000 without the help of any Government or Lottery funding.

Deaf Dog Network - UK
The Deaf Dog Network is a group of people who want to help guardians of deaf dogs, wherever they are, whether they have experience of owning or training them, rescuing or fostering.

Dogstar Foundation - Sri Lanka
The Dogstar Foundation is transforming animal welfare in Sri Lanka. Since 2006 Dogstar has worked closely with Sri Lankan communities and vets to provide sterilisations, vaccinations, veterinary treatment, education leading to attitude change and the development of veterinary practice.

Labrador Retriever Rescue Southern England - England
A charity whose aim is to unite pure bred Labrador Retrievers and crosses with loving new homes. They cover the areas of Sussex, Hampshire, Dorset, Kent, Surrey, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Hertfordshire, Essex and London.

Fur-Ever Home – California USA
Fur-Ever Home is dedicated to serving the community and animals, for the betterment of all lives. The mission of Fur-Ever Home is to help support people and animals in their time of need, by providing resources and/or alternatives, to help reduce the numbers of homeless pets.

Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land – Israel
SHADH provide a better quality of life for donkeys in the Holy Land.  They rescue abandoned donkeys and those that are too ill or old to work.  They run mobile veterinary clinics and aim to change attitudes through education and care, teaching that love and respect for an animal will bring rewards all-round.

Kim’s Home for Elderly /Abused Dogs - Wales
Kim’s Home is a sanctuary for old and/or abused dogs in the South Wales area.   The dogs are mostly sighthounds but other breeds creep in from time to time.  It has been taking in dogs for 15 years but was rebranded this year as Kim’s Home in honour of the first resident, Kim, who welcomed over 200 dogs into her home during her lifetime and who died last October, aged 15.

Glendee Rescue and Rehoming - England
Glendee Rescue and Rehoming is owned and run by Georgina Armstrong, who in turn is supported by a dedicated team of people.  Their mission is to save as many dogs as they can from being put to sleep, through no fault of their own and to place them in loving homes, giving them a second chance for happiness.

Irish Horse Welfare Trust - Ireland
The Irish Horse Welfare Trust was established in 1999 to help the plight of horses in Ireland. They rescue, rehabilitate and rehome horses that have been abandoned, neglected or ill-treated. The IHWT is funded almost entirely through public donations.

Greyhound Homer Suffolk RGT - England
A non-Profit Organisation finding loving forever homes for as many greyhounds as possible in Suffolk and North Essex, supporting greyhound owners and promoting greyhounds as pets at numerous events.

Senior Staffy Club - England
The Senior Staffy Club rescues and rehomes Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Staffy Cross dogs 7yrs plus.

Grace’s Rest – Lincolnshire exotics advice, education and rescue service - England
Rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of exotic animals.

GRWE - England
Greyhound Rescue West of England (GRWE) is the leading greyhound rescue charity in England and Wales, independent of the greyhound racing industry. They are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abused, abandoned and unwanted greyhounds and lurchers, and re-home over 500 of these special dogs every year.

Staffy Smiles Rescue - Scotland
Saving SBTs on death row in pounds all over the UK.  Based in and around central Scotland.

Doris Banham Dog Rescue - England
Saving dogs from pounds all over the UK.

Rottweiler Rescue Trust - England
Rescue and rehome Rottweilers covering most of South East England and the Home Counties.

Animal Connexions - Ireland
Rescue & rehoming of unwanted, stray & abused dogs & cats. Specialising in the hand rearing of orphan puppies & kittens.

Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue Centre - Scotland
The rescue centre services the whole of Dumfries and Galloway but, when space permits, they will take in dogs from pounds in England and from Northern Ireland to save them from destruction. The centre has a contract with the local council to look after stray dogs while they wait to be reclaimed by their owners and to rehome them if they are not claimed.

Hounds First Sighthound Rescue - England
Rescues and rehomes sighthounds including lurchers, greyhounds, whippets and salukis as well as other types of sighthound across the UK.

Staffordshire Rescue Scotland - Scotland                            
Rescue and rehoming Staffordshire Bull Terriers

AA Dog Rescue Latchingdon - England
AA Dog Rescue is dedicated to saving 'pound dogs'. These are dogs who through no fault of their own have found themselves in council pounds, where they have 7 days in which to be claimed or go into rescue.

South East Dog Rescue - England
Giving abandoned and unwanted dogs a second chance. South East Dog Rescue is based near Ashford, Kent but re-homes dogs across the UK

Safe and Sound  - UK
Safe and Sound is a rescue with a difference - unlike many traditional rescues, they are primarily a coordinating rescue.  Concentrating on 'crisis management' of UK strays, they are at the frontline, dealing with dogs at immediate risk of death or serious harm.

Hearthounds UK - England                         
Provides immediate aid and relieves suffering of homeless people and their dogs. Provides weekly food packs, tents, sleeping bags, warm clothes and essential vet care to all their clients, and works with other agencies to provide housing and rehabilitation.

Cats in Crisis - England
A small registered charity that is run by local people to aid the unwanted and abandoned cats in the Lincoln area. Everybody involved offers their time and help on a totally voluntary basis, no form of payment is given.